SW KLID for property owners and managers

Reasons to purchase the online software platform SW KLID

The primary reason for acquiring the online software platform SW KLID is the possibility to set up a system of protection against criminal and objective liability in the area of asset management. It is a system to protect the organization, statutory representatives, and responsible employees against risks arising from non-compliance with legislative obligations.

  • Optimized Approach to Maintenance
    We are introducing not only an efficient tool for managing and maintaining manufacturing technologies, properties, and other assets, but also a comprehensive solution supported by experts.
  • Absolute Overview of Risk Management and Regulations
    No need to fear unpredictable events or regulatory non-compliance. We've got you covered.
  • Complete Control over Assets, Anytime, Anywhere
    An overview of your assets - just a click away, independent of time and place.
  • Combining Two Worlds
    With us, you can easily collaborate with your suppliers for more efficient management.
  • Gateway to the Future
    Open the doors to automation, digitization, and Industry 4.0.
  • Current Alerts
    Never miss a scheduled maintenance or new service request.
  • Stability in Times of Change
    Maintain continuity when key employees leave and ensure coverage in case of insurable events.
  • Operational Optimization
    Reduce energy demands and improve visitor safety.

Secondary benefits of utilization include:

  • • Demonstrable cost reduction;
  • • Automation and digitization of all processes;
  • • Deputization and continuity;
  • • Shared records among customers, employees, and suppliers;
  • • Everything in one place; • Complete control over customer and proprietary infrastructure;
  • • Quick and efficient record-keeping;
  • • An online tool for work from anywhere;
  • • An effective system of planning and activity recording for you and your customers;
  • • Sharing of all processes, records, and documents with employees and your customers;
  • • Management of operational maintenance and service requirements with clients;
  • • An overview of your clients and activities in one place;
  • • Simple uploading of audit reports, including the option to share;
  • • Passporting of your customers' managed assets;
  • • Monitoring, management, and control of suppliers;
  • • The option to record from anywhere, at any time;
  • • Enhancing company value; • Potential to acquire new customers.

With SW KLID's functionality, we offer:

  • • Planning and monitoring of all scheduled maintenance activities for your clients (inspections, checks, etc.);
  • • Asset recording and registration for both your assets and your customers' assets - individual structural units of buildings and other assets with the possibility of classification and description of individual elements (Element = complex, buildings, floors, rooms, room equipment, technology, vehicle fleet, etc.);
  • • The ability to maintain electronic records of documentation (passports, audit reports, etc.);
  • • Planning and monitoring of all scheduled cleaning activities for your clients (cleaning, washing, etc.);
  • • Recording of unplanned operational maintenance and cleaning for your customers (linked to the repaired or cleaned element);
  • • Online communication with interested parties;
  • • Alerts for planned activities via email to both internal and external responsible persons;
  • • A HELP DESK system for the collection and management of requests for you and your customers. The system provides email alerts to all involved (request initiator, solver), and it is linked to a mobile app;
  • • Calculation of anticipated long-term costs;
  • • A system for managing the lifecycle of individual elements of properties and other assets, both yours and your customers';
  • • Online access via the Internet;
  • • Central views of the overall record, separate views according to individual objects (internal assets, customer assets);
  • • Alerts for missed planned dates for individual activities;
  • • The possibility of monitoring and planning maintenance based on time or running hours (actual equipment utilization);
  • • The ability to track consumption (electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, fuel, etc.);
  • • Multilingual support (Czech, Slovak, English, Italian);
  • • The capability to create custom record elements;
  • • The possibility of connecting asset owners and external suppliers for the recording of performed maintenance and cleaning, including the option of submitting documentation;
  • • Energy management with remote meter reading capabilities;
  • • Contactless temperature measurement;
  • • Management of security for external visits;
  • • Phone iOS and Android application.