Record Keeping

The Record Keeping module is an essential tool for managing and tracking your assets. With its unique structure and user-friendly interface, you can easily and effectively keep track of what you have and where it's located.

Key Features:

  • Detailed structure
    The Evidence module is designed with real estate asset management in mind. The structure of the record in the module is conceived as: Area - Object - Floor - Room - Element (thing) - Sub-element (part of thing).
  • Adding new assets
    Each level in the structure allows you to add a new asset via the green '+' icon, always maintaining the area, object, floor, element, sub-element structure.
  • Easy navigation
    Entry into different parts of the structure is done by clicking on the name of the element you want to enter. This allows you to delve into any level of the system.
  • Comprehensive overview
    On the Evidence preview, you have a list of inserted areas and information about the number of objects and elements nested to a given area.
  • Custom Definitions
    In the Evidence module, you can choose from pre-prepared global directories of existing assets, or simply define your unique one with any parameters you want to track.

Additional Features:

  • Icons for quick actions: Allow to edit permissions, view record, edit record, or delete record.Data export and import: In the top right corner, you will find options for data export and import.
  • Tree navigation: Always keeping you informed about where you are.
  • Sorting: Each column allows for ascending and descending sorting.
  • Tabs: Tabs make navigating through the Evidence structure easier, allowing you to have multiple locations open at once and easily switch between them.

Who Should Use the Evidence Module?

The Evidence module is designed for anyone who needs an effective tool for managing and tracking assets. Whether it's real estate asset management, or you just need to keep track of your things and their location, the Evidence module is the right tool for you.

Want to find out more? Contact us and we'll provide all the information and help you implement the Evidence module into your business.