Software for asset management, maintenance and facility management


Software for asset management, maintenance and facility management: SW KLID - Your reliable partner in digitizing assets and maintaining production technologies, real estate, and other assets.

We are not just software providers. As a consulting firm, we offer a holistic approach to turnkey systems. We analyze the situation, implement the data, teach you how to use the system, and subsequently develop it. SW KLID - our CMMS/CAFM system - is your path to more efficient asset management and maintenance. We are here to help you, not only with the system setup, but also with its further development. Open up to new clients and elevate your organization to a higher level!

For property owners and managers

SW KLID offers


  • Optimized approach to maintenance
    We present you not only with an efficient tool for managing and maintaining production technologies, real estate, and other assets, but also a comprehensive solution supported by experts.
  • Absolute overview of risk management and regulations
    No more fear of unforeseen events or non-compliance with regulations. We've got you covered.
  • Complete control over assets, anytime, anywhere
    An overview of your assets - just a click away, regardless of time and place.
  • Combining two worlds
    With us, you can easily collaborate with your suppliers for more efficient management.
  • Integration with external systems
    The possibility of linking with existing systems, such as invoicing software, CRM systems, or project management systems, for easy and smooth data transfer.
  • Real-time alerts
    Never miss scheduled maintenance or new service requests.
  • Stability even in times of change
    Maintain continuity with the departure of key employees and ensure coverage in the event of insurance incidents.
  • Integration with mobile devices
    Connection and compatibility with mobile applications allow access to information and management of activities via smartphones and tablets.

For service providers

SW KLID offers


  • Efficiency in your work
    Both you and your customers can easily manage planning and activity recording.
  • Transparency in audits and services
    An online tool for recording and planning audits and services, with the possibility of easy uploading of audit reports and sharing.
  • Everything in one place
    An overview of your clients, activities, documents - all in one place.
  • Collaboration with clients
    Manage operational requirements for maintenance and service efficiently and transparently.
  • Managing your customers' assets
    Monitoring, management, and control of suppliers, asset passporting of your customers' managed assets.
  • Work from anywhere and at any time
    With our system, you can record data anywhere, anytime.
  • Document sharing and communication
    The ability to share documents, communicate, and collaborate with clients and team members directly within the system, facilitating the flow of information and ensuring better communication.

the SW KLID system currently manages more than

maintenance/cleaning tasks

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