Project consulting and administration

„All we have to do to help us is to ask for it.“

As part of the implementation of the PROJECTS OF PROPERTY MANAGEMENT and BACK OFFICE security we have learned for our clients to use the possibilities of financing these projects, for example from European subsidies, funds. This administratively demanding activity has been taken over by the recipient of funds, our clients. We are also helping to develop the companies of our partners, customers and, in the framework of this service, we will ensure:

  • An analysis of possible drawing opportunities in relation to the strategic objectives of the company's development
  • Comprehensive application processing
  • Continuous consulting in the design, creation and implementation of the project intent

All this in order to maximize the chance of obtaining the appropriate subsidy.

An integral part of our services, thanks to our years of experience in these areas, is management consulting, management systems and employee training for company management. These are areas of management systems according to ISO 9001, 14011, 27001, 50001, OHSAS 18001 standards. - Quality management systems, information security, environment, work safety, energy management. Areas of project management, use of information technologies in company processes, process management, etc.

Another specialization of EASY FM in asset management is the offer of services of expert consultant in the area of ​​monument care

  • Do you own a property in a town or village monument zone or reservation?
  • Do you own a house declared a cultural monument and are you going to reconstruct?
  • Are you afraid of dealing with conservationists? Do you know the principles, procedures and rules of the state monument care in the Czech Republic?

We will help.

  • We can advise on the building plan. Let's explain the official procedure.
  • We Mediate Negotiations and Permissions - A Valuable View of Monument Care.
  • We will find opportunities for financial support - grants.