Information system for property management SW KLID

 The computer is not miracle - it works so quickly and efficiently just because it does not think.

SW KLID is a database system accessible through a web browser that is designed to efficiently manage asset, infrastructure, and work environment. Price depends on the range of modules and data volume. We have FREE SW KLID for Free.

Developers of the KLID software have been involved both in the IT sector and mainly in asset management and facility management professionals. At the beginning of development, many years of experience gained from the management and maintenance of one of the most important complex buildings in the Czech Republic - the Chamber of Deputies. SW KLID is fully in line with Czech legislation and places emphasis on solving problem areas related to maintenance and asset management. SW KLID is purely Czech software without foreign capital and influence..

SW KLID is primarily intended for company owners and for middle management in asset management systems. The goal of using SW in companies is to gain control of their property

 „All activities at SW KLID are the client's ability to perform itself without the need for our specialists to intervene.“

What SW KLID allows?

  • effective asset planning and control system
  • plan of maintenance and cleaning activities
  • ensuring the continuity of activities after the departure of key employee
  • setting a long-term cost and investment plan
  • processing life-cycle of asset management
  • documentacion overview
  • overview of responsibilities (internal and external)
  • analysis of current asset management processes
  • and much more….

The current price list valid from 1.11.2015 can be found HERE.