Our story

Let me take you through our story about us and about our company. My name is Ondřej.

  • How we met each other.

The first thing that can be said about us is that our company is based on long-term friendship and thanks this there is also mutual trust. I met Martin at primary school and from this time we became inseparable friends and our friendship continues to this day. In 1995 at another school I met Marcel and from the first moment we are in symbiosis and we understand. Since we are all athletes, we are setting up a soccer team that we carry out jointly despite our potential injuries.

The interconnection of our personalities and business lives has attracted us so much that in 2008, with Martin and Marcel, we set up our first joint business plan, named ANAKA. This company is primarily focused on supplying printer supplies and has successfully stabilized on the market, which is still ongoing.

In 2011 we started to create a new asset management project and back office support and it all lead to established of EASY FM in 2013.

  • Why we founded our company

I worked at many small and medium-sized companies with a few employees and also for organizations with thousands of workers. During this time I have learned many ways of managing companies, many systems and rules they used. I've been following people who work with these systems and what it brings them. I have seen, heard, and above all I have felt a lot of troubles like repeating the same mistakes and difficulties that the managers have solved daily and that is why they often find themselves in a vicious circle.

That was why I started to ask at simple but very important question:

How to simplify and do more effective management system and how to help these managers? In this time the idea of ​​a simple asset management system and security of certain back office activities began to emerge.

I have found one important and essential fact. Many business owners and leaders in small and medium-sized companies do not do what is the most important in their working hours to ensure prosperity and growth.

Instead of focusing on the most important activities in their working time a huge amount of time devoted to activities that are associated with the running of a company must be secured but the company's development will not succeed. Most managers in companies waste their precious time on activities that are necessary for the company to run but do not decide whether a firm is successful on the market or is going bankrupt in a few years.

Often these activities, often of an administrative nature, burden so much that they have to spend hours and hours in their companies, nights and weekends and a substantial part of their spare time. This leisure time could be devoted to their families, rest, hobbies and personal life but they can not!

So I was looking for a way to help these businessman and managers and bring to their life a little bit of KLID and finally I chose the area of ​​PROPERTY MANAGEMENT and other supporting activities that accompany the existence of companies. This area is called Facility Management and is an integral part of every business plan, every business and organization.

  • What are my personal reasons for starting a business?

Helping businessmans to simplify their life. Working together with the people I love, doing what makes sense and above all helping people get more time, more KLIDU, energy and creative minds about what's really important in a company's life is the main reason I'm going this way.

  • Why Property Management?

In case the company owns a lot of property - real estate, machinery, equipment and technology, the administration of these assets is more expensive, more demanding, resulting in a large number of duties and tasks that are related to the maintenance of this property. The more the property is the more legislative duties that fall on the head of the company's management. Asset management contains many problem areas and risks, especially in areas related to state professional supervision. Deficiencies in this area can have very serious consequences. In many cases shortcomings in this area may cause, for example non-payment of insurance liabilities or high fines (up to CZK 2 million). Ultimately shortcomings may cause criminal liability of corporate owners for maladministration and seriously jeopardize their own existence.

The more duty is the more you need to take care of quality management, in the SYSTEM. There is a growing need for appropriate tools to support managerial work to provide a timely, accurate and consistent view of all asset management activities.

That is why we chose this area. We associate and apply in our work many years of own experience in the areas of setting up management systems and our own asset management - facility management.